RGGI Market Forecast: A stranded assets outlook

The RGGI (Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative) program currently covers 11 states and each state\\\'s policy and resources influence the market. Since 2008 (when the RGGI program had its first auction), RGGI states have reduced emissions by more than 50% twice as fast as the entire nation, and raised over $4 billion for the states to invest in local communities

Over this time, the energy mix of these states has shifted, with natural gas and nuclear becoming the backbone of the power supply. The closure of coal plants over the last 15 years has been a primary driver of emission reductions (Natural gas plants emit about half the carbon emissions of coal plants). Currently, 14 operational coal plants with a capacity of 4GW remain in RGGI states, with the majority in Virginia, which derives 10% of its electricity from coal generation.

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