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+1 650 331 1931

cCarbon (cKinetics)

19925 Stevens Creek Blvd, Ste 110

Cupertino, California-95014

About cCarbon (formerly CaliforniaCarbon)

cCarbon (pronounced ‘see-carbon’) was launched in 2012 as CaliforniaCarbon, catering initially to the WCI market. Since then, we have grown to provide comprehensive coverage across compliance carbon markets across North American, as well as the global Voluntary Offsets markets. We provide business intelligence, analytics and forecasts for our clients.

cCarbon is a division of cKinetics, a global Sustainability specialist, providing solutions for investors, businesses and policy makers.

We track:

  • Cap and Trade Carbon markets
    • Western Climate Initiative (California and Quebec)
    • Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI)
    • Nova Scotia
    • Canada Federal OBPS and Regional Programs
    • Washington Cap and Invest
    • Alberta Technology Innovation and Emissions Reduction (TIER) Regulation
  • Clean Fuels Standards
    • California Low Carbon Fuel Standard
    • Oregon Clean Fuel Program
    • British Columbia Low Carbon Fuel Standard
    • Canada Clean Fuels Standard
    • Canada Clean Fuels Regulation
    • Washington Clean Fuels Program
    • The Renewable Fuels Standard & RINS
  • Offsets
    • Global Voluntary Offsets
    • Compliance Offsets for WCI (CCOs)
    • Canada Federal GHG Offset System

Our offering focuses on forecasts of emissions, net demand-supply, and pricing across our markets. Our content offering includes regular analytical reviews, regulatory tracking and evaluation, deep-dive InSight reports, and expert webinars.

CarbonOutlook™ Model

Modeling emissions and prices (near-term and long-term)

We have our proprietary models that consume information from a variety of data repositories to generate near and long-term forecast, for emissions as well as carbon prices. Our models cover most North American carbon market jurisdictions.

Short term models

Our near term analysis in our weekly and monthly commentaries capture (a) Macroeconomic data, (b) Secondary market data, (c) Corporate and entity data, as well as (d) output from our proprietary algorithms. We use the models to forecast upto 1 year out. Our near term emissions forecasts have had over 99% accuracy for the past three years.

Long term models

The long term models generate outlook for 2030 and have a quarterly resolution. They can also create scenarios for 2040 and 2050. The models capture the interplay between different carbon markets; and is unique in that aspect. Our Cap and Trade model has over 200 variables that can be fine-tuned to construct a scenario.

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Sustainability and analytics team

cCarbon is a product of cKinetics, a global sustainability specialist. The extended team provides access to specialists in the following areas:

  • Climate analytics

  • ESG risk assessment

  • Life cycle analysis

  • Carbon foot-printing

  • Industrial emissions and resource consumption benchmarks